Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Arizona Geologist Breaks Rocks

Golden anniversary
Soke Hausel presented a very unusual award in 2015 
from all of his students recognizing his
  Golden Anniversary in martial arts

Karate Instructor and Black Belt Karate Hall-of-Fame Inductee, Soke Hausel of Gilbert, Arizona was recently selected by Marquis Who's Who for induction into these compendiums for his accomplishments in karate, kobudo, martial arts, geology, writing and public speaking. Soke Hausel was a karate instructor at the University of Wyoming for 30 years. 

While at the University of Wyoming, Grandmaster Hausel was inducted
into two Halls-of-Fames for martial arts and geology.

Mr. Fred Marks, Editor-in-Chief of Marquis Who's Who in the World and Editor-in-Chief of Marquis Who's Who in Science & Engineering contacted Soke Hausel of Gilbert and Mesa Arizona to nominate the notable geologist and martial arts instructor for inclusion into these two prestigious compendiums. It is rare that a polymath is selected for recognition in more than one profession, but not all that rare for this Arizona resident.

Soke Hausel is a notable Arizona martial artist teaching Arizona martial arts classes in an Arizona martial arts school. Prior to moving to Arizona, he taught martial arts at the University of Wyoming for 3 decades and created one of the better university-affiliated martial arts programs in North America.

For example, in 2001, Soke (grandmaster) Hausel was inducted into the North American Black Belt Hall-of-Fame and presented the International Instructor of the Year award and was also inducted into the Rockhound Hall-of-Fame and presented the Education Award in the same year.

Soke Hausel of Gilbert Arizona is a writer and a geologist who found many gold and gemstone deposits and is a Hall-of-Fame martial artist who reached the highest level in martial arts. He operates a martial arts center in Mesa, Arizona and periodically consults in geology. The geologist-martial artist contributed to more than 1000 books, professional papers, general interest articles, abstracts, geological maps and information blogs over the past four decades. Because of life-long contributions, Marquis Who's Who nominates him for induction into the 33rd Edition of Who's Who in the World (2016).